Getting an Early Start! TIP Hits the Road Close to Home

I’ve wanted to do a few short test runs for TIP before the whole project really kicks off; I’d like contributors to get a sense of what kind of work I’ll be making, what shop visits will be like, and what kind of pics to expect from the road. I was lucky enough to find some amazing and accommodating people to help make it possible: Elizabeth Emery from Zygote Press in Cleveland, OH, and my friend Mitch Cohen from the Printing and Book Arts Center at the Genesee Center for the Arts and Educaton in Rochester, NY.

I’ll be in Rochester on Saturday cranking out some work using their amazing collection of wood type – excited to be working where many of my friends got their start printing (or continue to print) – Rachael Hetzel from Pistachio Press and Chris Charles from Fly Rabbit Press, as well as Geri McCormick from Virgin Wood Type.

Sunday until Tuesday, I’ll be in the grand metropolis of Cleveland, on the not-too-distant shores of Lake Erie. Zygote is a space that will be all new to me – so I’m excited to see what challenges await me. Until then – keep in mind this quote from John Edward Hicks Adventures of a Tramp Printer: